Sponge Daubers

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Sponge Daubers

3 small Sponge Daubers that fit on the end of your finger. These unique applicators have a rounded sponge tip for creating soft airbrush effects on paper. Perfect for stenciling or adding ink to the edges of your paper for a nice, finished look.

Tap the Sponge Dauber lightly on the Distress Ink pad and apply to the edge of each element in a downward, swiping motion. For a softer look, apply ink sparingly. If you prefer, you can also run the ink pad itself right along the edges of your paper templates. This will give your elements a darker outline around the edges.

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Each dauber measures approximately 1.25" x 0.75" x 0.75".

Open End Sponge Daubers 3/Pkg