Time To Shine Pocket Kit

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Time To Shine Pocket Kit

Our heart-warming Time To Shine Pocket Kit will make your pocket scrapbooking album positively glow! It is ideal for capturing the moments of contentment, well-being and joy that cause the most cherished relationships and passionate endeavors in our lives to truly shine!

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Product Details

Pocket Paper Kit

Our Pocket Paper Kits are designed to coordinate with pocket page protectors and include pre-sized sections that will fit perfectly in pockets of all sizes. They feature a dazzling variety of coordinating colors, patterns, titles and flourishes that will turn your Pocket Scrapbook into a work of art! And they work hand-in-hand with our Pocket-Sized Templates!

Coordinates with our Designer Templates, so that you can Play-To-Create your own, gorgeous Pocket Scrapbook!

  • 10 - 3X4 sized sections
  • 3- 4x4 sized sections
  • 4- 4X6 sized sections
  • 6 - 4x12.5 sized sections
  • 2 - 6x8 sized sections
  • 3 - 6x12.5 sized section

Plus an insert with a couple of ideas to inspire you. 

All cards/paper is double - sided, and sized to either be used as a background piece, a strip to add layers with as you wish, journaling cards, or full-pocket title cards.

Note: These contents are designed to be paired with Pocket Page Protectors.