Designer Template Organizer

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Designer Template Organizer

The perfect way to store your Kiwi Lane Designer Templates for home or travel.

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  • 1 Storage Box with handle (2.5" x 13.25")
  • 8 Storage Cards:
    • 2 Border Storage Cards with pocket sizes (1: 2.25” x 12.5”) (1: 3.5” x 12.5”) 
    • 2 Accessory Storage Cards with pocket sizes (2: 6”x6”) 
    • 2 Triple Storage Cards with pocket sizes (3:4.25” x 4”)
    • 2 Mix-n-Match Storage Cards with pocket sizes (1: 8”x  6”) (1: 4.5” x 6”)

Storage Box can fit up to 8 additional add on storage cards. Pick up a couple storage boxes and add on storage card packs to fit your needs