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One of our most versatile accessory sets, Nature provides you with flowers and sunbursts, trees and leaves and butterflies…some of the things that we love most about the outdoors!

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Product Details

Accessory Set

Our Accessories set is the perfect alternative to expensive embellishments. They will help you to utilize your scrapbooking paper to create stunning, professional-looking layouts every time, without it costing you an arm and a leg!

This set includes 6 Designer Templates.

Size Estimates (inches):

  • #1 (2.25″ x 4″)
  • #2 (3.25″ x 3″)
  • #3 (2.25″ x 5.25”)
  • #4 (3.75″ x 4”)
  • #5 (5.25″ Diameter)
  • #6 (4.25″ Diameter)

Templates For Personal Use Only. © Kiwi Lane Designs™, LLC. PATENT NO. 9,205,695