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Jason Lane

Our Jason Lane Border Set is sensitive to the feeling of whatever paper you choose to use on your layout, allowing the colors and patterns built into your favorite paper kits to shine. This makes it a perfect set for almost any project, and a great set to have in your Kiwi Lane toolkit!

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Product Details

Border Set

This set includes 7 Designer Templates and a ring for easy storage.

Size Estimates (inches):

  • #1A (3” x 12”)
  • #1B (2.5” x 12”)
  • #2A (1.6” x 12”)
  • #2B (2.4” x 12”)
  • #3A (3.4” x 12”)
  • #3B (3.25” x 12”)

Templates For Personal Use Only. © Kiwi Lane Designs™, LLC.