Card Making Sampler Set


Card Making Sampler Set

Give the Play-To-Create System a try with this Card Making Sampler Set! This set contains templates selected from our other Designer Template lines, giving you everything you need to design a wide variety of adorable, handmade cards. To showcase this, we’ve used this set to create dozens of sample cards: simply click the link below to see just how many design possibilities you can unlock with only a few Designer Templates and the power of the Play-To-Create System!

This set includes:

  • Sincerely 1A
  • Sincerely 1B
  • Tiny Strips 2"
  • Tiny Floral 1T
  • Tiny Accents 2T
  • Tiny Accents 3T
  • Tiny Explore 6T
  • Rings 1
  • Adorn 1A
  • Tiny Tags 6T
  • Tiny Celebrate 1T
  • Tiny Celebrate 5T
  • Tiny Shapes 2T
  • Sentiments 2A
  • Sentiments2B
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